2018 is the beginning of greater things to come.

Bounty Tasker is half-a-year old!

As 2018 looms ahead, we know for sure that it’s going to be great. We have big plans set ahead — plans that will make your experience better, your productivity more fun, and your life more motivated. We are also covering the lessons we’ve learnt in 2017, the reviews and feedback you have given to us, and how all these lead us to the great plan of 2018.

2017: The first-half year in review

In 2017, Bounty Tasker was soft-launched in May on iOS. That was our first big step into the open, and we were super excited to receive real feedback and reviews from actual users.

The app launched in its most basic form: a simple to-do list along with your character, monsters, and equipments. It was the bare minimum that people can be productive and stay engaged with. The best part about this was that Bounty Tasker was in a near-blank-canvas state that allowed us to listen to what the people needed in the app, and let us work towards it.

Throughout the months, we received a lot of useful feedback, kind words, and awesome reviews on the App Store that we are super grateful for!

Based on the feedback and reviews, we started crafting a couple more features to make the app more holistic. Some of these releases include the daily task list, done list, and a login system to help you secure your progress.

As of now, our overall rating on the App Store is 4.5 — that tells us that at the very least, we’re doing something right somewhere, and the app is being useful for people. That’s good news for us. On top of that, it also means that we have room to improve, especially when your generous feedback keeps flowing into our email.

Now, thanks to you, Bounty Tasker has managed to surpass the 5000 downloads mark in 2017. A small feat in the big picture, but a milestone nevertheless!

2018: Big features, bigger expansion

As we step into the new year, we’re bringing with us big plans to make Bounty Tasker accessible to more people. One of our staple priorities is also to come up with more useful features that will make your daily productivity more effective and organized, all based on your needs and feedback.

Cross-platform expansion into Android and Web

One of our utmost priorities is bringing Bounty Tasker to Android first, and then hopefully the web as well. The dream is let more people be able to enjoy the productivity boost and fun that Bounty Tasker can offer.

Our iOS-first approach was an initial test to figure out whether people find Bounty Tasker useful, as well as identifying what worked and what didn’t. Now that we have a stable package of the app, we can bring Bounty Tasker to other platforms in 2018.

Hopeful milestones: Storyline and quests, World chat

What we’re really hoping to achieve in 2018 is to create a sense of community and belonging to the world of Bounty Tasker.

This poses a challenge in itself as well: how do we create engaging content without distracting people from real life productivity?

Storyline quests is one thing that we’re interested in exploring. Lore and adventure (with progression still tied around your real life productivity) can be really interesting as we expand the Bounty Tasker world, and still contribute to keeping you engaged to real life tasks. We already have some ideas in mind, so when the time comes, it’ll be great fun bringing it to you.

Another thing we want to implement eventually is the social aspect in Bounty Tasker. Being able to chat with people and motivate each other towards higher levels and goals should help everyone get even more motivated.

Many people has brought up this question: can we play with each other and form parties in the future? We are really fond of this idea, and even though we have no guarantees on a release date, we’re definitely interested in having this down the road.

Improvements to help you maximize productivity

Making sure you have the best tools to stay organized and be productive is still our utmost priority.

We’ve received a lot of feedback and reviews that include feature requests of what people need, so our direction will be based on that. Some of these improvements that we plan to look into down the line include:
Reminders and Tags (which we are already working on, and will be launched early 2018)
Weekly and Monthly task lists

Do you have more in mind that you think will be vital for your daily productivity? Let us know in the comments, or email us!

Starting off 2018

We have a plan to run a Kickstarter campaign in early 2018. The funds will help us get the app to at least the cross-platform stage, and also speed up development, so we can push out these awesome features planned as soon as possible to you. Stay tuned to receive more news about this!

We’re entering 2018 with optimism. Bounty Tasker started off as a passion project, and we’ll work hard to get it to a level that can sustain, and become the best productivity tool for you! That will be our vision for the new year — best part is, we have you along with us.

Here’s to the new year!

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