We’ve all been there. Waking up to the alarm on a Monday morning and the first thing you feel is a sense of dread. You’re dreadful not because you are physically tired from overwork or lack of sleep, though both can make things worse… Rather, it’s the state of apathy. The lack of passion and perseverance to get things done.

Those are signs of impending burnout, and it’s a terrible state to be in — we get you.

Even so, the good news is that there are ways to overcome this and improve your life, so let’s dive right in!

1. Take a deep breath

Some people prefer quiet time and prayer, and some others meditation, but taking a deep breath can do wonders for anybody.

Start off by setting a one-hour countdown timer on your phone, and take one deep breath when the soft alarm rings. Restart the timer again after that until your work ends. You can also adjust the interval duration shorter if you need more breaks.

Create a new daily task on your Bounty Tasker list right now to remind yourself to turn on these Deep Breath timers everyday!

Set a new daily task to "Start my Depp Breath timer"

2. Make new acquaintances

Humans are inherently social creatures, but sometimes we get too busy focusing on work and forget about the people around us.

Based on research conducted by psychologist Julianne Holt-Lunstad, the top predictors of how long you will live include social integration as well as having close relationships. This shows how significant it should be for you to make time for your loved ones, as well as have healthy interactions with the people around you.

Greet people vocally and even make small talk to the people you encounter during a commute, or when buying groceries. Go to networking events to mix and mingle with those from different professions — you might learn a thing or two about other careers and even better, encounter a new job opportunity.

All these acquaintances can freshen your daily experience, and make life a more exciting and meaningful journey.

Set a new daily task to "Meet a new person"

3. Hit the treadmill

Studies have shown that moderate aerobic exercise such as jogging not only lowers cholesterol and body fat but also causes the brain to produce endorphins. Endorphins cause a morphine-like effect (in a good way) on your body, which is why some people experience an euphoric feeling after running a marathon — commonly known as the runner’s high.

If you haven’t been jogging for months, start off at a manageable speed on the treadmill while watching the TV or YouTube. Three miles per hour perhaps? Or if you’re the type who would suffer from feeling like a hamster on a wheel, you could take a brisk walk in a park nearby.

Keep it a habit and you’re more likely be in a good mood and experience less fatigue.

Set a new daily task to "Jog for 10 minutes"

4. Create an ‘exit’ plan

Burnout is usually caused by mundane routines or intense burdens. If you can identify such a thing in your life, perhaps it’s a good idea to brainstorm on how you can change your life for the better.

If you’re stuck in a rut of mundane cycles, switch things up a bit. Try out new hobbies, and leave old addictions behind. Try out new food places, and join new meetups. Leave any unhealthy relationships behind.

If you don’t find your work meaningful and fulfilling, perhaps it’s time to move on and work on something else. Plan strategically as it may affect your income and future. List down what you have to do in order to change your life for the better, and do it step by step. It may take time, but listing it down gives you a clear way to walk and to make informed decisions.

List down steps for your "Exit" plan

5. Find meaning by writing a personal job ad

If you are still searching for work that aligns with your passion and makes your life fulfilling, there is one way you could find out. Social philosopher Roman Krznaric suggests doing a personal job advertisement.

Basically, you list down what are your passions, skills, values, and needs. Do not include any mentions of jobs that interest you, neither your educational nor career background. Just focus on the things that motivate you and give you passion. After you’ve completed your own ad, send it out to ten people you know from different walks of life and get them to suggest 2-3 careers that they think would suit what you’ve described in the ad.

It may sound daunting to randomly reach out to ten random people and ask for advice. Sometimes, it takes a little bit of courage and risk-taking to get you out of the rut. Who knows — it might open up your perspectives and make you aware of some things you can pursue.

Create a to-do to send out your personal ad

These five things to help you avoid burnout might seem like daunting, tiring chores at first, but everything would be when you’re in a burnout. Try keeping it up daily, and you’ll see things turn better in no time. We’re rooting for you, so all the best!

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