Everyone should have a hobby. Spending your free time doing your hobby — which is essentially something you love doing — can really make a difference in your life.

Truth is, we’ve entered an age where people do not give enough thought towards having a hobby. Even the word ‘hobby’ is getting obsolete. People are so busy working, studying, or handling commitments and burdens that they no longer consciously make time for themselves to do something they love.

Hobbies can range from simple ones like gaming, playing music, reading, gardening, to even more extreme activities like paintball, deep sea diving, and so on.

All hobbies, whichever yours could be, should be something you love doing. It should be something that you find enjoyable so that it helps lift your spirits up and reduce stress instead of pulling you down further after a stressful, busy week.

Let’s dive into how do we make time for our hobbies and get rid of all that piled-up stress from a busy work week.

#1: Set goals everyday.

Setting goals everyday is a great way to keep yourself productive without sacrificing significant ‘me’ time. When you have set goals to accomplish in a day, you know what to work towards — and once you’re done, you’re essentially free to do whatever you want.

The free time can be used for your hobby, so it’s a win-win situation. You accomplish important tasks during the day, and still have time for other errands and your own hobbies after that.

As an example, if you have three major things to do today and you focus and complete all of them by 6pm, you have the rest of your evening and night for anything else. Awesome, am I right?

#2: Keep yourself organized.

Here’s why you should keep yourself organized:

It becomes easier for you to focus on your tasks at hand, which improves productivity. When you have better productivity, you accomplish your goals faster (remember tip #1?).

There are a few ways that you can make your life more organized:

  • Keep your environment neat. Clean up if you have to — a cleaner space means a clearer mind.
  • Use a to-do list. It easily helps you stay organized and keep track of your tasks.
  • Maintain a schedule if you have to. This helps if you have extra errands beyond your goals. You can set aside some time to do errands, and then a scheduled time for your hobby and leisure.

#3: Improve and adapt your lifestyle.

If you haven’t had time for your hobbies before, there must be a reason why.

Do you spend too much time at work? Do you spend your free time doing time-waster activities (like binging series) and feel too unproductive afterwards?

Not that binging series from time to time is bad, but to purposefully make time for your hobby, you need to consciously acknowledge and decide that an allocated time slot should be set aside for the activity.

That being said, you cannot expect a whole half-day available for your hobby either, hence the importance of adapting and getting used to the lifestyle.

Balance your life and prioritize goals, errands, and leisure. You will soon find more available time slots in your life as you become more organized, and then start making it a habit to exercise your hobby.

#4: Set aside time for yourself.

Decide that a portion of your time deserves, and will be well spent, on your hobby. This means either fitting it into your schedule, or prioritizing your alone time VS time spent on other things, or with other people.

Sometimes, you just have to say ‘no’ to the late night hangouts with your friends, or delegate some overtime work to another peer. You might even want to cut short on your meetings. All these things take up a lot of your time and energy, leaving you occupied and fatigued.

It sounds bad that you have to say no to some things and turn down invitations, but you don’t do this every single time. It’s all about balance — give yourself attention when you have to, and give others your attention when it’s the right time for an awesome time out.

#5: Focus on one thing at a time.

This applies to work, yes — but it also applies to your hobbies.

Some of you might have a lot you want to do during your free time. Catch up with that unfinished series. Learn how to play an instrument. Finish a book.

There’s a ton of things, and splitting up your attention can simply make you feel like you never get anything done.

What makes a hobby fruitful is when you reach a milestone with it. Maybe you finally finish that series, or you finally defeat that final boss in that game. Maybe you improved significantly on your guitar, or you can finally complete that book you’ve been spending time on.

The sense of accomplishment along with the enjoyment of the process is what makes a hobby so satisfying, so definitely savour it the right way.

All in all, make time to invest yourself in hobbies and improve your lifestyle simply to learn new things. Never dwell on the thought that you have no time. Time is yours — just make the time!
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