Are New Year resolutions a fad? It seems like nowadays, it’s treated like one — more and more people don’t bother with one anymore. No surprise, since most people fail their New Year’s resolutions.

It’s about time that changed for you — we got your back!

It’s actually a greatly beneficial thing to set a New Year’s resolution for yourself. You start off your new year with one, or several, real goals in mind, and this gives you direction and motivates you towards new heights.

Let’s hop right into how to make your New Year’s resolutions actually achievable this year.

#1: Set specific, measurable goals

The number one reason for people not meeting their New Year’s resolution is due to making unspecific goals.

Lose weight! Pick up an instrument! Read more books! Use less social media!

All these so-called resolutions are simply too unspecific, which leads to them being more of a statement than an actual goal.

When setting a resolution, make sure your goal is specific and measurable. When you have a measurable outcome, you can trace your effort and progress towards that goal and stick to it better throughout the year.

A few examples of specific and measurable goals include:

  • Lose 4% of my current body weight and increase muscle mass by 10%
  • Pick up the guitar as a new instrument by investing 2 hours every weekend into it
  • Read at least 2 books per month

With a quantifiable measure, these goals are definitely much clearer instead of being a vague resolution.

#2: Set realistic goals

When a goal is too big, or too bold, or simply too superficial, you simply risk being demotivated when you realize it’s too far to achieve. You might also give up before even starting, because the goal may be too vast for you to even realize where to start.

Realistic goals are based on your current situation, not superficial goals plucked from an inspirational instagram post.

As an example, if you want to improve your financial situation, you could work towards getting a raise or promotion within the year, or find a new job with a percentage increase. Definitely not just saying “get rich this year”.

Aspirations are good, but try keeping it real — you’ll work harder towards a goal you can achieve, rather than a goal that only sounds good on paper.

#3: Track your progress

There are multiple goal trackers in the market that can easily help you with this, such as LifeTick and Strides.

By keeping track of your goal, you get to know whether you should put in more effort into it, or whether you’re on track. It also keeps you motivated as you see the improvements you’ve made for yourself over the past months.

#4: Keep yourself organized

This is one of the key things to maintain a productive lifestyle for yourself.

Staying productive contributes a lot to achieving your New Year’s resolutions, and it’s not just about being productive at the goals. When you stay organized, you can focus and be more productive at all your tasks — which essentially means more time to work on your goals.

Some of the ways you can keep yourself organized is:

  • Use a schedule to manage time effectively, like Google calendar.
  • Maintain a neat environment. Tidy up if you have a messy surrounding.
  • Use a to-do list like Bounty Tasker to keep track of tasks and goals.

#5: Create actionable plans

Taking real, step-by-step action towards your goals is vital towards actually achieving them, or else you risk staying stagnant. Once you have set your goals, start deciding on what you have to do towards your next milestone.

Lose weight? Maybe decide on a gym schedule that you can stick to. Learn music or art? Sign up for a lesson plan that you can commit.

But most importantly, write it down. Write down your goals, your plans, and that simple act alone will help you get started towards achieving it.

#6: Open up

Talk to others about your goals. Share with them about how you plan to achieve it, and why you wish to do so. You can also listen to theirs — if you manage to find a positive partner to share goals with, that would be the best.

Many of us fear being vocal about goals because of this thought: “What if I fail? I’d totally lose face and humiliate myself.” Be bold and use it to motivate yourself instead. When you become vocal about your goals, you have increased commitment and motivation to actually achieve it.

Being vocal and opening up about your goals makes it real, rather than just a lingering thought in your mind.

#7: Find a partner or community

Finding a partner to work towards a goal together can be tremendous help. Look for an accountability partner that is working towards a similar goal to you to motivate each other towards the next milestone and keep each other committed.

Alternatively, you can look for a community that is invested in what you’re working towards. It could be a community that could help you achieve your goal through tips and tricks, or a community of people that are working towards that goal. This not only helps you stick to your resolution, but also provides you with various tips that can help you improve and achieve your goal faster.

Now that you have what you need to know to achieve your goal, it’s time to plan! Write down your goal and get started. We’re right behind your back, so all the best in the New Year!

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