What if life could be more like an actual game, and you can actually have fun at it?

Life is a game. No kidding, it really is!

However, it might not be as fun as it sounds.

If you’ve played a role-playing game before, you’d notice common themes that models what you already experience in real life. Just take a look at these examples:

  • Levelling up: At some point in life, we all go through elementary school, then onto middle school, college, university, up to finding a job — as if you’re levelling up in-game.
  • Farming: The dread of every gamer. I like to see real-life farming as routine work like checking your emails everyday or cooking your own dinner. In fact, getting a job and earning money is pretty much gold-farming, right?
  • Doing quests: Quests usually have unique tasks you are required to complete. You might have work projects to deliver, or school work to complete — don’t these sound like real life quests?
  • Character creation: You were born at some point. #truestory

Now, we can all agree on one thing — life isn’t always full of sunshine and rainbows. Leveling up in real-life —getting your first degree, for example— takes years. Farming for gold takes, at most, a couple of days to earn millions or more. Yet, in real life, you’d be more than happy to get a $5000 per month salary.

Many of us try to actively improve our quality of life. We participate in communities, find meaningful jobs, experiment with weird yoga poses on weekends. Yet, it’s easy to be burdened by the harsher realities of life, like the mundane routine of a weekend trip to the grocery store, or the tons of files you have to sort through at work.

So how exactly can life be lived out like a game that is actually fun?

First, identify the relevant benefits you get from a game.

Okay, I like to say that there are TONS of benefits for playing games. You get to sit back, relax, kill awesome bosses, make new friends, dress up, and just have the time of your life.

However, it’s important to know what benefits usually exist in a game that is actually relevant and practical when the same concept is applied to real life.


Yep, respawning and reloading an earlier save to never die is out of the window in this case. Sorry.Interestingly, most of these following benefits are not actually viewed as extra benefits in-game and are aspects that are easily overlooked. Yet, when viewed as a concept to be applied in real life, these aspects make a world of difference, and could bring a major change in your life.

1. Have an overview of your progress

In a game, the player usually gets to see all sorts of statistics, such as his or her:

  • Level, and the experience that accumulates towards every next level
  • Money
  • Story or stage progression
  • Health
  • Quests or missions needed to be completed

The phenomenon of being able to see these statistics helps us gauge our progress better. The fact that we can see the experience that we get from completing every milestone, and the level achieved so far, gives a clear idea of how much we’ve gone through. Besides that, we can also see a clearer pathway of what is achievable in the future — getting to level 100, or simply earning enough gold to buy your next gear, for example.

By pairing those two together, it’s easier to stay motivated because:

  1. You get to see how far you’ve arrived from a starting point.
  2. It’s easier to work towards goals that you can clearly see.

In a real life context, it’s undoubtedly harder to have such a clear tracking of your past achievements as well as what’s upcoming and available. One way to help with this is by using apps — Bounty Tasker, our upcoming gamified to-do list app, aims to help replicate an environment where you can experience this benefit and get more motivated.

2. Quests (tasks) are way more exciting to do

Completing tasks in games are usually just way more exciting, fun, and interesting. Get these amount of points! Win this game! Mow through that horde of orcs!

Then, you go to work the next day with ‘quests’ like file these invoices, or clean that coffee machine, or finish up that poster. Bummer.

What I’m saying is: real-life tasks are usually just less interesting to complete, with seemingly less obvious rewards to reap. However, when you’re in-game, travelling to the next town to defeat a certain boss in hopes of obtaining a piece of famed equipment never sounds like a chore. In fact, you’ll take off with a heart full of excitement.

What if that can be replicated in a real life context? That level of excitement and engagement for completing a task can theoretically result in sufficient motivation and productivity for you to plow through tasks at your day job.

3. Being able to have fun

The ultimate reason why people play games: FUN. We find it fun to experience something out of this world. The opportunity to enter a different fantasy where colors are vibrant, magic is real, and dragons that breathe fire exists… simply ignites an urge to have fun and be immersed in that moment.

When we have fun, we are less stressful.

When we have fun, we are more motivated and less burdened.

When we have fun, we enjoy that moment in life.

Here’s the secret: use these apps to help you

Gamification is a real hidden gem that most people don’t pay enough attention to. Beyond the fact that gamification revolves around using gaming concepts to help push you, it actually motivates you to be more productive and helps you achieve greater heights.

Here’s a couple of gamification apps out there that can replicate gaming excitement and motivate you to be productive or cultivate healthy habits in real life.

  1. Bounty Tasker

Taskboard in Bounty Tasker

Bounty Tasker is a gamified to-do list app that simulates you in a close setting to that of an RPG. Your to-do’s and tasks will be your quests, and by completing them, you get to gain experience, heal yourself, and level up. There’s a chance to encounter new monsters as you progress, as well as the chance to find new loot and get stronger.

Aiming for these in-game incentives and goals will help you be more motivated to complete real life tasks, and you’ll become more productive before you even know it.

  1. Forest

Forest is a really creative app to help you stay focused and avoid being distracted by your phone when you need to focus. Many use it to help beat phone addiction as well. How it works is that you plant a seed in the app, and it will grow as long as you leave the app on. Once you leave the app to use your phone for Facebook or whatever, the tree will die. The app gamifies your focus and lets you form your own forest of trees over time!

  1. Plant Nanny

Screenshot of Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny is an amazing app —proven by their numerous #1 awards— to cultivate the habit of drinking water. Plant Nanny hosts your very own cute plant in your phone, and to keep it alive, healthy, and growing, you must give it enough water at certain times. At these times, it reminds you to also drink enough water, while gamifying your effort by letting your own plant grow strong and healthy.

  1. Walkr

Screenshot of Walkr

Walkr is one of the most interesting gamification apps available on mobile. It gamifies every walking step you take (and we all know step trackers are all the craze right now). You can discover new planets and embark on missions with other Walkr users. The graphics are also lovely and engaging.

Hopefully these apps can help you get more motivated at your daily routines, habits, and to-do’s!

Bounty Tasker is already out on the App Store, so get it now! Stay updated by subscribing here, and follow our FacebookTwitter, or Instagram pages to let us know what you think of the app.

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