There’s just something extremely intriguing about games that make people feel so immersed, satisfied, and constantly return with motivation to achieve new heights. What if this was applied to real life — can we ever feel the same about conquering real-life tasks and life itself as if we were playing a game?

Enter Bounty Tasker.

Bounty Tasker is a gamified to-do list with a role-playing game twist. Currently available on the App Store, it utilizes gaming elements to create a motivating, engaged environment for players to approach real-life tasks and routines.

As you enter the app, you can create an account and your own character. Simple select a character name of your choice and your gender, and you’re off on your to-do adventure! Characters in Bounty Tasker come in the form of avatars and can be unlocked as you level up progress through the game, with more coming in the future as well.

 Your very own Taskboard

The core concept of Bounty Tasker revolves around your very own Taskboard. Here, you add real-life tasks that essentially act as your own quests.

On your taskboard, you can create:

  • To-do’s: One-off tasks that you have to complete in real life.
  • Dailies: Recurring everyday tasks and habits that you have to complete or want to cultivate.

You can also expand every task with more details by creating checklists for each of them, and then prioritize them by long-pressing each task to rearrange them.

By listing and completing your real-life tasks, you gain experience for your character and level up! The more productive you are, the more tasks you complete, the faster you progress in-game.

Equipments and monsters

You can also gain equipments for your character as you complete tasks. These equipments can improve your Power Rating and help you get stronger, which improves the damage you can deal to monsters.

Monsters in Bounty Tasker are cute-looking, but can also be potentially dangerous if you’re not productive yourself. As a player, you can deal damage to monsters that appear by completing your tasks, but if you don’t, they’ll damage you overnight. Believe me, that damage can really stack up over a few days of laziness!

Why should I use Bounty Tasker?

There are several key benefits to using Bounty Tasker, and without too much jargon, let me list this out in the old-fashioned numbered list way:

1. Become more productive, engaged, and motivated than ever: By taking advantage of the healthy psychological concepts behind gaming, being able to mix role-playing game (RPG) elements into real-life can really boost your productivity.

2. Build discipline with accountability: Many people ask, couldn’t we easily cheat in this game by creating trash tasks and completing them just to progress? Well, yes you can — but that simply defeats the purpose of your submission to the game. By progressing simply by being productive and not cheating, you build discipline and accountability within yourself. Plus, your milestones will truly feel extra rewarding.

3. Scratch the gamer itch: As we grow up, it simply gets harder and harder for us to find time to game. Using something like Bounty Tasker lets us satisfy our gaming cravings yet still achieve greater levels of productivity. It’s also great for people who want to try to quit gaming, as it directs you towards productivity and distracts you from time-sink games.

On top of all that, it’s just versatile — create a checklist for anything. If you’re working, list out whatever you need to accomplish at work and get that promotion you’re aiming for. If you’re schooling, then use Bounty Tasker to get your homework done ASAP (and have lots more time for real games)! If you’re just casual, you can even insert your grocery shopping list here.

If this sounds like something you can get behind, then download Bounty Tasker right now on the App store. Let us know what you think in the comments, and leave a good review on the App Store page if you like the app!


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