It always seems impossible until it’s done— Nelson Mandela

Many have heard of using a to-do list, yet the Done list sounds more like a myth. I’ve certainly never heard of it until I tried diving deep into how I can get myself to be more productive.

As we know, to-do lists are where you write down what you have to do; done lists mark what you have already accomplished. Turns out, the done list can be a serious productivity boost.

There are several reasons as to how a done list can actually help you get your productivity and motivation levels up, but we’ll also talk about the ‘whys’ you should use a Done list.

Real results bring about real motivation

Instead of focusing only on what needs to be done, knowing the tangible results that you have already produced helps with motivation.

It happens behind the scenes; you wouldn’t even be aware of it. When you look at your done list expanding, brings about a positive mindset and energy to keep making progress and accomplish even more.

Maintain a done list to mark your real accomplishments!

Knowing how much you can achieve helps you plan better

Did you know that it’s a good habit to plan tomorrow’s tasks the night before? This helps you stay focused during a new day and be more efficient as well as save time.

With the done list, it’s not just about having to cultivate a good habit, but knowing how much you can accomplish per day lets you plan a new day with a reasonable workload to complete. This helps you, as well as others like your colleague or boss, keep up with more accurate expectations of your delivery. The better planning that comes with this also means more accomplishments, which in turn also boosts your motivation. Every. Single. Day.

Plus, knowing your limits means that when you manage to surpass them and achieve even more, there’s no doubt that you’ll be super pumped to keep it up!

Planning your next day the night before helps you be more efficient the next day.

It’s the perfect complement for To-do Lists

The logic is simple — whatever gets checked off your to-do list, goes right into your done list.

Contrary to popular perception, to-do lists are primarily for organizing and prioritizing your tasks. Doing so effectively can help you be more productive, but it can also backfire if you get overwhelmed. Done lists, however, can help you avoid that from happening and keep you going.

Maintaining both lists is important — one to keep you organized and efficient; the other to keep you productive and motivated. Make sure you use to-do lists like Bounty Tasker that has this in place, so that whatever you check off will appear in your done list.

Make it a personal habit to maintain a Done list in your productivity routine and improve your productivity today. If you have other productivity tips that you’d like to hear about or share, let us know about it in the comments!

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